Screen Printing in Apex, North Carolina


– Screenprinting allows for beautiful art to be applied to virtually anything!  Screenprinting, also known as silk screening, is the best method for reproducing images in true-to-life color.  It is also the most cost effective for large quantity print runs.


Color Choice:  Every color combination is possible.  Depending on the color of the garment, we will assist you in creating the most attractive, cost-effective product possible.  We offer both standard and customized (PMS matched) colors.


Artwork and Logo Design:  Our full service art department can work with your existing logo or create one for you…from simple development of lettering to production of artwork to fit your needs – we will help you look your best! Using the latest technology, we offer production of four-color process and simulated process art; saving you time and money when producing complicated multi-color prints.


Available Colors:  Our state-of-the-art machinery enables us to print as many as six individual colors on a particular garment.


Pricing:  Screenprinting prices vary based on the number of garments to be printed, color choices, type of garment and placement of the artwork, and overall complexity of the job.  To give you an accurate estimate we’ll need:

  • The type of garment to be screen printed (t-shirt, sweatshirt, hat, tote bag, etc.).
  • The number of colors in the design.
  • The quantity to be printed.
  • The printing placement (front, back, sleeve, etc.).

If you have a specific project in mind, please contact us for an estimate call at 919-773-8428
Art Department Requirements. We accept artwork from clients as follows:


  • Corel Draw:  Saved as Version 10 or earlier (.cdr) or as an encapsulated PostScript (.eps).  All text must be converted to curves.
  • Adobe Illustrator:  Saved as Version 8 or earlier (.ai) or as an encapsulated PostScript (.eps).  All text must be converted to outlines.
  • Photographic Art Files:  We can turn your photographic art files into printable artwork.  Please note that fees for this process are based on the complexity of the job.  We accept photographic artwork in the following formats:  Adobe Photoshop, eps, jpeg, tiff.  All files must have a resolution of 300 dpi or higher.


Screen Printed Transfers 

Put in the most basic terms, screen printing (sometimes known as “silk screen printing”) uses a series of stencils to decorate a substrate.

A screen printed transfer (also known as a plastisol transfer) is an image which has been screen printed onto release paper. Instead of being directly screen printed onto a shirt or other item, the design is printed onto transfer paper, then applied with a heat press. Screen printed transfers can be single or multi-color, and heat apply in seconds to any number of items, such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, jackets, and caps.

Though screen printed transfers use the same inks and processes as other types of screen printing, the use of transfers holds several advantages.


Print on Demand – Transfers are great for events where you are unsure of how many shirts will be sold. The garment doesn’t have to be printed until it is sold, so there will be no leftover printed merchandise.


Fill-Ins and Last Minute Orders are Easy – Screen printed transfers allow an inexpensive way to be prepared for last-minute fill-in orders. Replacement shirts and last-minute additions won’t be a problem.


Quality – Screen printed transfers are just as durable as direct-printed garments and often provide better-looking results.


Save Time and Money – Gang sheets (which feature more than one image on the same sheet) help make transfers even more economical, especially for sports league sponsors, caps, and heart-size prints.


Offer Better Customer Service – Unlike traditional screen printing, where all shirts need to be printed at the same time, transfers can be printed as products arrive. If a shirt is on back-order, you can print the rest of the order, then finish in seconds when the back-ordered shirt arrives.