Design Files Are Important

Design Files Are Important


Design files are important because high quality artwork is crucial in the screen printing process, and the design file can impact your artwork significantly. Afterall, the major selling point for any clothing brand or retail company is the printing design.

As professionals in this industry with many years of experience, Imagescapes Embroidery has a few tips that emphasize the importance of design files for professional and quality printing. First, you will need a high resolution or vectorized artwork.


What is vector art?

A vector file is a scalable art format that is most commonly associated with Adobe Illustrator. A vector file can be sized small enough to print on a small item (such as child’s shirt) or large enough to fit on a billboard, without deterioration or loss of clarity. It can easily be re-sized, which makes it the favored file format of screen printers.

All vector artwork is high resolution which means that it has well defined, crisp lines (without any blurriness or distortion). A design must have sharp clean edges in order to be printable. If it has even the slightest blur or malformation, the screen that the image is burned on will not pick up on the fine details and the end result will not look right.



So, what happens if you create your artwork in Photoshop or another design program instead of Adobe Illustrator? Does that mean the artwork created in those programs is unusable? Not necessarily because luckily, there are other options such as the following:

Designing in 300dpi:

DPI (or dots per inch) is a measurement of literally every little dot of color that is in every square inch of a design. This measurement produces a very crisp edge and is easily translated to print, making it the industry’s standard for almost any kind of graphic art.

Creating you project at the size you want it printed:

If you favor the Photoshop program, always choose a larger canvas over a small one because you can always shrink your design down to work on the garment (but keep in mind that you wont be able to expand it to make it larger without pixelating the artwork).



When it comes to screen printing, these steps will make all the difference and they will not only help to make your artwork printable but will also provide you with the best quality possible, guaranteeing the best final product. If you have any questions or would like to use our professional screen printing services, contact Imagescapes Embroidery today!





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