Screen Printing at Home (For Fun)

Screen Printing at Home (For Fun)


Are you the type of person who enjoys arts and crafts as a hobby? Well, you might find that screen printing at home is a great form of arts and crafts that is fun, creative and easy.


Screen printing is a basic stenciling process; this style of art allows you to be creative in so many ways. You may even be able to use things you already have in your home as tools for this type of project. For example, you are going to need a frame and using an old picture frames or an embroidery hoop would be perfect for a frame. You will also need a mesh, in which case, a white sheer nylon curtain could definitely work.


When it comes to the stencil, that can be applied to the screen by hand, eliminating the need for complicated equipment or light sensitive chemicals. When you screen print at home you usually use a squeegee to push ink through the screen but many people find that dabbing or swabbing different kinds of inks a good technique. Or, another method is painting through the screen with brushes or paint rollers, which is also very effective. Fabric additives for standard acrylic paints can be used as well, which only need to be set with an iron.


There are countless possibilities for screen printing at home, really it’s just up to your imagination. If you come to love screen printing, over time you can refine your techniques to screen print at home quite well. This craft is certainly fun and even educational and the result produces a lasting keepsake for yourself, your friends or your family.


In the meantime, for any other screen printing questions make sure you contact Imagescapes Embroidery. They are professionals in the screen printing industry and are always happy to assist you.







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