Tools You Will Need to Make Your Own Embroideries

Tools You Will Need to Make Your Own Embroideries


Embroidery is an art and if you appreciate crafts, you might really enjoy embroidery! Embroidery is the method used for decorating fabrics with a needle and a thread. This article will discuss the very basics of hand embroidery tools. So, what are some things you’ll need to begin your embroidery adventure?


The following are some of the basic and essential tools you will need:


Embroidery needles: Embroidery needles have bigger eyes than average needles do to accommodate the size of the embroidery floss.

Embroidery Floss: Embroidery floss is inexpensive and is available in countless colors.

Embroidery hoop: The hoop is a ring that consists of two parts. You put the fabric you will use in between the hoops (this will allow the fabric stretch, making the embroidery easier). Hoops are available in wood or plastic, but the kind of hoop you use comes down to personal preference.

Sharp scissors (small): Embroidery scissors are designed to have a pointed tip, and are very sharp making the ideal for getting into small corners and still do clean cuts.

Fabric: This is your fabric of choice and it should not be too loosely woven or too tight. Canvas, linen, osnaburg and quilting cotton are excellent options!

A marking tool: A marking tool is used to draw designs onto your fabric and this can be a water soluble marker or other marking tool. However, a water soluble marker is recommended so you can rinse the markings out with cold water when you are finished.


Although it may seem that embroidery is really challenging, it is not as tough as you might think. Like anything else, a little practice goes a long way and it really is a nice way to relax, de-stress and have fun! For any embroidery questions or embroidery needs, Imagescapes Embroidery offers custom embroidery services and is always available to assist you!




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