Machine Embroidery (Tips for Starters)

Machine Embroidery (Tips for Starters)


What’s so great about machine embroidery? Well, there are many things to consider. First, machine embroidery is an embroidery process where a sewing machine or embroidery machine is used to create patterns on textiles. Oftentimes, machine embroidery is used commercially by experienced companies like Imagescapes Embroidery for corporate advertising, product branding and even uniform adornment.


But what if you’re just a curious beginner who wants to try something new? Luckily, machine embroidery is also a form of art that is used by hobbyists for personal sewing and craft projects. Of course if you’re a beginner, this task might seem challenging but with our help, you’ll be on a pro in no time!



Take a look at the following machine embroidery tips for starters:


  • Make time: Learning something new takes time, practice and plenty of research. Designate a specific time that you can dedicate just for machine embroidery. This includes reading, sewing or even taking a class.
  • Learn: Learning is an increasing process. It’s a simple fact that the more you do something, the easier it will get and the better you become. Keep in mind that part of the learning process is making mistakes but, no matter what, don’t give up!

  • Take notes: You might find that keeping a journal (or notebook) is very helpful while on your machine embroidery journey. Use this journal to record thread types, colors, fabric type, fabric blends, stabilizer used, machine adjustments and anything else that you can use to replicate or improve in the future.

  • Organization: Because life is hectic as it is, it’s always helpful to be organized. A well organized area that is dedicated to sewing and/or arts and crafts makes the time you do spend on machine embroidery all the more pleasant and effective. The area does not have to be large but moving your tools/equipment/materials from one place to another every time you want to craft is not necessarily fun therefore, it does help to have an area where you can work and walk away without having to put everything away.

  • Refrain from purchasing any (and every) gadget and gimmick in the market: As with anything new, it is easy to get excited and sometimes even a little carried away. Do your best to refrain from spending unnecessary money on getting unnecessary things. Start with the basics; hoop/machine, scissors, fabric, thread, stabilizer and a design. You might want to consider getting some stitching experience before investing in anything else.

  • Relax: Now that you have prepared yourself to start your machine embroidery, you may find yourself feeling a little nervous. It is normal to feel a little nervous but just remember to relax! This will be fun and the worst that could happen is that if you make a mistake, you can just start over again. It’s no big deal, like anything else, practice makes perfect.

  • Start small: We suggest starting small and then gradually progressing to more challenging styles as your confidence and expertise grows.

  • Test the stitch: There are numerous variables that one design can stitch out due to many factors (stabilizer, digitizer, fabric and needle and thread). For this reason, you can avoid any problems by testing the stitch designs on a similar fabrics before embroidering the actual piece.

  •  Fearlessness: After you have had time to practice and become familiar with the process, don’t be afraid to try different techniques. There are tons of free designs available, you have nothing to lose by at least trying. Doing so will allow you to gain experience and grow as an embroider!


  • Enjoy the moment: Last but not least, have fun and enjoy the experience, which is the main goal!


Especially focus on the last tip because that is the most important thing, have fun. We hope you enjoyed this article and that you feel inspired to try the art of machine embroidery. If you have any questions about the information covered in this article or embroidery in general, contact Imagescapes Embroidery today!


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