10 Reasons Why You May Need to Print Custom T-shirts

10 Reasons Why You May Need to Print Custom T-shirts


Having been in business for nearly 15 years, one of the most common questions we get is why you may need to print custom t-shirts. Well, the answer is quite simple; creating custom printed t-shirts is a great way to bring people together, grow your business or celebrate big accomplishments!


The following is a list of ten reasons why you may need to print custom t-shirts:


1. Marketing: Custom printed t-shirts is an exceptional marketing tool for your professional entity and there are various ways to use them to really make a lasting impression.


2. Employees: A custom printed t-shirt can help employees feel professional, confident and can even help them get into a positive frame of mind for the day ahead because they feel as part of team and a clear representative of the business they work for.


3. Advertisement: Whether you choose to giveaway free t-shirts, sell them, or use a combination of both methods, you will have people advertising your business just by walking around!


4. Customer Appreciation: Customer appreciation is often viewed as a lost art, but smart businesses know that showing customers how much they genuinely care is an opportunity to win people over for life.


5. Branding: Custom printed t-shirts is a wonderful way to make people aware of who you, promote your business and oftentimes even boosts sales!


6. Retreats: Custom printed retreat t-shirts serve as positive reminders of the team-building spirit long after the retreat is over and although not everyone loves to bond over team-building exercises, nobody ever complains about the chance to wear a comfy T-shirt.


7. Family Reunions: Family reunions can be a huge (but fun) event and printing custom t-shirts can show membership to a particular branch of the family or show solidarity with the family crest. You can even add each person’s name to their shirt as a way to get to know each other better!


8. Volunteers: Volunteers at charity events wear custom printed t-shirts so that attendees and other workers can quickly identify them. These types of shirts may also inculcate the wearer with a sense of pride.


9. Teams: Designing a custom printed t-shirt cultivates team spirit and a sense of belonging, pride and unity. A well designed t-shirt can even help recruit new members to your team!


10. Special Events: Custom printed t-shirts are an excellent way to declare a good cause or celebrate a special event for an important cause, such as a 5k for autism awareness or a food drive for the local homeless shelter.


Without a doubt, there is always a reason for custom printed t-shirts! And whatever the reason is Imagescapes Embroidery and Screen Printing is ready to assist you with your custom t-shirt printing needs. Contact Imagescapes Embroidery and Screen Printing today!



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